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An update!!! I am using ‘Eat Your Books’ to keep track of my books- click on the link at the right of the page to see whats currently on my shelves!

These are the books we currently have on our shelves.  Of course I have my favourites, the one’s that come out as a kind of culinary comfort blanket. When we were living in our small (but lovely!) flat in Strawberry Hill I had to have a bit of a bit of a cull, so I know I have got rid of the books I know I’ll never, ever use.  However, we have moved into a much more spacious house with a great kitchen……………
I have many other books written about food, travel and restaurants, but I have not included them in this library- only ‘pure’ cookery books are here.

My favourites probably change quite often.  I think we all go through phases of what we like based on the weather, the seasons, what’s in the shops, but there are a core that never change: and these are the top 5:

  1. Alastair Little’s Food of the Sun- one of the first cookery books I bought and it gives me so much inspiration I can not tell you.  Just flicking through the pages gives me ideas and the energy to create something lovely.  He has a little food shop near Notting Hill which is filled with really yummy delights.
  2. Lindsey Bareham’s Big Red Book of Tomatoes- I have 2 copies of this book!  The first I’ve had for ages and is a little paperback.  I love tomatoes and this is jam-packed with all kinds of different recipes, savoury and sweet, hot and cold, from all over the world.  Colin managed to get hold of a bigger version, updated with more recipes, and I am holding onto both!
  3. Claudia Roden’s Arabesque- covering the foods of Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon this is typical mouth-watering Claudia Roden.  She not only has recipes which work each time but brings them to life with the history and the culture of the food and the people.  Some of my favourite recipes have been inspired by this book.
  4. Annie Bell’s Living and Eating- I have many of Annie Bell’s books but this is, in my opinion, the best.  This is not just a cookbook as it covers kitchen design and equipment, and it does make you more than a little envious of Annie herself!  There is a starter of baked goats cheese which is worth the book on its own.
  5. Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries- Nigel Slater writes in a way that makes me starving!  Never overly complicated his recipes are what you want to eat for your supper every night.  There is a tomato curry which is so delicious, quick and easy that I would never tire of eating it.  His follow-up is great too, but my memories of discovering the original will always make it special to me.

Bareham, Lindsey- The Big Red Book of Tomatoes (2 copies! 1 illustrated)

Bareham, Lindsey- The Trifle Bowl and other Tales

Basan, Ghille- Tagines & Couscous

Beer, Maggie- Maggie’s Harvest

Beckett, Fiona- Meat & Two Veg

Bell, Annie- Living and Eating

Bell, Annie- Gorgeous Greens

Bell, Annie- Gorgeous Suppers

Bell, Annie- Gorgeous Christmas

Bell, Annie- In My Kitchen

Bell, Annie- Evergreen

Bell, Annie- Baking Bible

Berry, Mary- Cooking up a Feast

Berry, Mary- Complete Cookbook

Bill’s- Cook Eat Smile

Bissell, Frances- The Organic Meat Cookbook

Bompas & Parr- Jelly

Borough Market- Meat & Fish

Bundy, Ariana- Pomegranates and Roses

Caggiano, Biba- Tasting Italy

Caldesi, Katie- The Italian Cookery Course

Caldesi, Katie- The Amalfi Coast

Caldicott, Chris- World Food Cafe

Camporesi, Carlo- Dreaming of the Tuscany Table

Carluccio- Complete Italian Food

Chapman, Pat- India: Food and Cooking

Chapman, Pat- The Modern Balti Cookbook

Chapman, Pat- Favourite Restaurant Curries

Child, Julia- Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Child, Julia- The French Chef Cookbook

Clark, Sam & Sam- Moro

Clark, Sam & Sam- Casa Moro

Conran, Sophie- Pies

Conran, Sophie- Soups and Stews

Contaldo, Gennaro- Passione

Contaldo, Gennaro- Italian Home Cooking

Dangoor, Linda- Flavours of Babylon

Costa, Margaret- Four Seasons Cookbook

Cotter, Derek- For the Love of Food

David, Elizabeth- Elizabeth David’s Classics

David, Elizabeth- Is there a Nutmeg in the House?

David, Elizabeth- Mediterranean Food

David, Elizabeth- Christmas

Day-Lewis, Tamasin- All You Can Eat

Dean & Deluca- The Dean & Deluca Cookbook

Del Conte, Anna- Amaretto, Apple Cake and Artickokes

Del Conte, Anna- Italian Kitchen

De Mori, Lori- Beaneaters and Bread Soup

De Mori, Lori- Italy Anywhere

Da Mosto, Francesco- Francesco’s Kitchen

Dimbleby, Josceline- Complete Cookbook

Dimbleby, Josceline- Orchards in the Oasis

Dimbleby, Josceline- A Traveller’s Tastes

Dobson, Ross- Grillhouse

Dupleix, Jill- Totally Simple Food

Duplex, Jill- Good Cooking

Elliot, Rose- New Complete Vegetarian

Felwick, Jez- The Bowler’s Meatball Cookbook

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh- Veg Everyday

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jane- The Good Granny Cookbook

Galmiche, Daniel- French Brasserie Cookbook

Gayler, Paul- Sauce Book

Gayler, Paul- Flavours

Gayler, Paul- Burgers

Gerlach, DeWitt- The Spicy Food Lovers Bible

Gill, AA- The Ivy

Gill, AA- Breakfast at the Wolesley

Ginger Pig- The Ginger Pig Meat Book

Gray, Patience- Honey From a Weed

Granger, Bill- Holiday

Gregory-Smith, John- Mighty Spice

Grigson, Sophie- Spices

Grigson, Sophie- The Vegetable Bible

Grimes, Beshlie- Making Wines, Liqueurs and Cordials

Gyngell, Skye- My Favourite Ingredients

Hage, Salma- The Lebanese Kitchen

Harris, Joanne- The French Market

Harris, Joanne- The French Kitchen

Harris, Valentina- Recipes From an Italian Terrace

Hart, Alice- Alice’s Cookbook

Hartnett, Angela- A Taste of Home

Hazan, Marcella- The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

Hazan, Marcella- Marcella Says…

Hendy, Alastair- Food and Travels Asia

Henry, Diana- Food From Plenty

Henry, Diana- Roast Figs Sugar Snow

Henry, Diana- Cook Simple

Henry, Diana- The Gastro Pub Cookbook

Henry, Diana- Crazy Water Pickled Lemons

Hopkinson, Simon- The Bibendum Cookbook

Hopkinson,Simon- The Vegetarian Option

Hopkinson, Simon- Roast Chicken and Other Stories

Hopkinson, Simon- The Prawn Cocktail Years

Hornby, Jane- What to Cook & How to Cook It

Hummingbird Bakery- The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

Jaffrey, Madhur- Ultimate Curry Bible

Jaffrey, Madhur- Indian Cookery

Jaffrey, Madhur- The Essential Madhur Jaffrey

Jaffrey, Madhur- World Vegetarian

Jaffrey, Madhur- Curry Easy

Kapoor, Sybil- Citrus and Spice

Katzen, The Moosewood Cookbook

Kenedy, Jacob- Bocca Cookbook

Khoo, Rachel- The Little Paris Kitchen

King, Shirley- Dining With Marcel Proust

Kiros, Tessa- Venezia

Kiros, Tessa- Apples For Jam

Kiros, Tessa- Falling Cloudberries

Kiros, Tessa- Twelve

Kiros, Tessa- Limoncello and Linen Water

Kotchar- Atul’s Curries of the World

Lanlard, Eric- Tart IT Up

Larousse- Gastronomique

Lawson, Nigella- Kitchen

Lawson, Nigella- Feast

Lawson, Nigella- How to Eat

Lawson, Nigella- Christmas

Lawson, Nigella- Nigella Bites

Lawson, Nigella- Nigellissima

Lawson, Nigella- Forever Summer

Lawson, Nigella- Nigella Express

Lawson, Nigella- How to be a Domestic Goddess

Lawson, Jane- Snowflakes and Schnapps

Leigh, Rowley- No Place Like Home

Le Clerc, Julie- Taking Tea in the Medina

Leith, Prue- Leith’s Cookery Bible

Leith, Prue- Leith’s Simple Cookery

Little, Alastair- Keep It Simple

Little, Alastair- Italian Kitchen

Little, Alastair- Food of the Sun

Locatelli, Giorgio- Made In Italy

Luard, Elisabeth- European Peasant Cookery

McEvedy, Allegra- Leon

McGee, Harold- McGee on Food & Cooking

Mabey, Richard- The Full English Cassoulet

Madison, Deborah- The Greens Cookbook

Malouf, Greg- Arabesque

Malouf, Greg- Saha

Malouf, Greg- Saraban

Malhi, Manju- Easy Indian Cookbook

Malhi, Manju- India with Passion

Manfield, Christine- Tasting India

Martin, James- My Kitchen

Masterchef- Masterchef Goes Large

May, Dan- The Red Hot Chilli Cookbook

Mercurio, Paul- Cooking with Beer

NCG- Soup For All Occasions

O’Meara- The Gourmet Gardener

Oliver, Jamie- Jamie’s Dinners

Oliver, Jamie- Jamie at Home

Oliver, Jamie- Cook With Jamie

Oliver, Jamie- Jamie’s Italy

Oliver, Jamie- Happy Days with the Naked Chef

Oliver, Jamie- The Return of the Naked Chef

Oliver, Jamie- The Naked Chef

Oliver, Jamie- Jamie’s Kitchen

Oliver, Jamie- Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals

Olney, Richard- The French Menu Cookbook

Ortega, Simone- 1080 Recipes

Ottolenghi, Yotam- Jerusalem

Ottolenghi, Yotam- Ottolenghi Cookbook

Panjabi, Camellia- 50 Great Curries of India

Pant, Pushpesh- India

Parker, Paul- Lily Vanilli in a Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

Pascale, Lorraine- Home Cooking

Pascale, Lorraine- Baking Made Easy

Pascale, Lorraine- Fast, Fresh and Easy Food

Perelman, Deb- The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Perry, Neil- The Food I Love

Peyton & Byrne- British Baking

Phillips, Denise- New Flavours of the Jewish Table

Pieminster- A Pie for all Seasons

Polpo- Polpo

Pratt, Jo- In the Mood For Food

Pratt, Jo- In the Mood for Entertaining

Pym, Hilary- a la Pym

Ramsay, Gordon- Ultimate Cookery Course

Ramsay, Gordon- Kitchen Heaven

Ramsay, Gordon- Great Escape

Ramsay, Gordon- Healthy Appetite

Ramsay, Gordon- Makes it Easy

Ramsay, Gordon- Sunday Lunch

Ramsay, Gordon- Cooking For Friends

Randall, Theo- Pasta

Raven, Sarah- Food for Friends

Reynaud, Stephane- 365

Reynaud, Stephane- Rotis

Reynaud, Stephane- Pork and Sons

Reynaud, Stephane- Ripailles

Mahammad, Reza- Reza’s Indian Spice

River Cafe- Italian Kitchen

River Cafe- River Cafe Two Easy

River Cafe- River Cafe Cookbook Easy

River Cafe- Cookbook

River Cafe- Cookbook Green

River Cafe- Cookbook Two

Riverford Farm Cookbook

Roden, Claudia- Mediterranean Cookbook

Roden, Claudia- Tamarind and Saffron

Roden, Claudia- Arabesque

Roden, Claudia- The Food of Italy

Roden, Claudia- The Food of Spain

Roden, Claudia- The Book of Jewish Food

Roux, Michel- Cooking With the Master Chef

Rowe, Silvena- Feasts

Rowe, Silvena- Purple Citrus & Sweet Purfume

Rowe, Silvena- Orient Express

Ruggles, Sophie- My Barcelona Kitchen

Saleh, Nada- New Flavours of the Lebanese Table

Santtini, Laura- Easy Tasty Italian

Sawalha, Nadia- Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved my Life

Segnit, Niki- The Flavour Thesaurus

Shields, Niamh- Comfort & Spice

Silver Spoon- The Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon- Recipes From an Italian Summer

Silver Spoon- Tuscany

Slater, Nigel- The 30 Minute Cook

Slater, Nigel- Appetite

Slater, Nigel- Real Cooking

Slater, Nigel- Real Food

Slater, Nigel- The Kitchen Diaries

Slater, Nigel- The Kitchen Diaries II

Slater, Nigel- Tender Vol I

Slater, Nigel- Tender Vol II

Slater, Nigel- Thirst

Slater, Nigel- Eat

Smith, Delia- How to Cook Book 1

Smith, Delia- How to Cook Book 2

Smith, Delia- How to Cook Book 3

Smith, Delia- Delia’s Vegetarian Collection

Smith, Delia- Chicken

Smith, Delia- Summer Collection

Smith, Delia- Winter Collection

Smith, Delia- Complete Cookery Course

Smith, Delia- Book of Cakes

Sodha, Meera- Made in India

Sperling- Complete Book of Indian Cooking

Stein, Rick- Food Heros

Stein, Rick- Food Heros Another Helping

Stein, Rick- Spain

Stein, Rick- French Odyssey

Stein- Taste of the Sea

Stein, Rick- India

Strang, Jeanne- Goose Fat & Garlic

Sykes, Rosie- The Kitchen Revolution

Tilson, Jake- A Tale of 12 Kitchens

Todiwala, Cyrus- Cafe Spice Namaste

Todiwala, Cyrus- The Incredible Spice Men

Tonks, Mitchell- Fresh

Torode, John- Beef

Veerasawmy, E P- Indian Cookery

Vefa- Vefa;s Kitchen

Vera, Barry- Feast Bazaar

Van Waerebeek- Everybody Eats Well in Belgium

Wan, Gok- Gok Cooks Chinese

Wareing, Marcus- How to Cook the Perfect…

Waters, Alice- Chez Panisse Cooking

Weinberg, Joanna- Relish

Weinberg, Joanna- Cooking For Real Life

Wells, Patricia- The Provence Cookbook

Wells, Patricia- Trattoria

Wells, Patricia- Bistro Cooking

Willan, Anne- Country Cooking of France

Wilson, Mitzie- Mince!

Wolfert, Paula- Mediterranean Cooking

Wolfert, Paula- The Cooking of South West France

Wolfert, Paula- The Food of Morocco

Zilli, Aldo- Zilli

Misc- Curry

Misc- Great British Food Revival

Misc- Great British Food Revival The Revolution Continues

Misc- Peas, Beans, Greens

Misc- Carbonara, Marinara, Napolitana

Misc- Hot Food

Misc- Wok It

Misc- Petits Propos Culinaires 8

Misc- Bitesize: Tartlets, Quichettes & Cute Things

Misc- Char-grills & Barbeques

Misc- The Little Hastings Fish Cookbook

Misc- The Little Hastings & Rye Fish Cookbook 2

Misc- Delicious One-Pot Recipes

Misc- Grands Chefs & Westmalle

Misc- Tuscan Cuisine Book of Recipes

Misc- Squeezed

Misc- Amuses Gueules

Misc- A Taste of Puglia

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  1. Marie French January 21, 2013 at 11:33 pm Reply

    Wow! I think I have about 10 cook books in total! Most of which were supplied by my lovely sister xx

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