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Griddled sesame tuna with charred lettuce and avocado

A day relaxing in the garden today, reading books and topping up my vitamin d levels! I made this lovely lunch which is based on a recipe I’ve made many times for a ceviche style tuna. I really fancied a sesame crunch to it so came up with this…First up I mashed an avocado with lime juice and a little red chilli.I then sprinkled white and black sesame seeds on a plate and pressed some lovely fresh tuna into them to coat.I chopped up some radishes, cherry tomatoes and a raw beetroot.I quarter a sweet cos lettuce.And I mixed lime juice with some soy sauce and chilli flakes.The tuna was griddled for a minute on each side to toast the sesame seeds and then chopped into thick slices. I popped the lettuce onto the griddle pan for 30 secs each side- you wouldn’t believe how tasty lettuce is when simply charred, no oil required.And there you have it! Light but packing a real punch, a delicious garden lunch!

To nourish from the inside out

In a concerted effort to move away from yo-yo dieting I am ensuring I embrace a much healthier routine- less sugar, more exercise, and this lunch was just the tonic!

I mixed pearl onions, peppers, red chicory, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes in a roasting tray and popped into the oven till golden. I then mixed in chickpeas and soaked freekah and cooked in the oven for a further 10 mins till all a little crispy. Eaten at room temperature- really lovely and certainly a bowl of health!

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