Holiday, sunshine and recuperation

A really lovely week off in Ludlow, a beautiful town in Shropshire that I really think of as second home, and certainly a place I feel truly relaxed and happy in! Sunshine all the way, loads of lovely food, and rest and relaxation in equal measure. Some foodie highlights….

Ludlow Cicchetti Bar

A fantastic little place just up from our cottage. It is a good job we don’t live in Ludlow as I believe we would be here every single day! For me an antipasti selection full to the brim with gorgeous Italian delicacies. For C a tagliatelle with a really tasty ragu- almost as good as the wild boar gnocchi he adores from here. Washed down with a crisp rose…. what more could you wish for!

Pizza Ten

This is the third visit to this amazing independent pizza restaurant, and each time is a revelation! I always have a pizza combination that I would normally say is simply wrong…. but is just perfect. This time king prawn, chorizo and aioli- so amazing, delicious!

The Church Inn

This pub has been around for some time but recently gone through a facelift. I was a little worried as it had a real charm and was famous for its homemade pies, but although a smaller menu it is a really lovely dining area with delicious food. For me a fish pie that was so good I could have eaten double the pie…. for C a steak and kidney pie with mash and a really beautifully reduced gravy. Very good.

Ludlow- I miss being there, I hope to be back soon.


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