A Tale of Two Pies

I think it is the dark evenings in Autumn that make me crave some comfort, and pies fit the bill! In the past I had a whole repertoire of recipes but now I am trying to avoid eating meat I have had to go back to the drawing board…. But 1 new pie tried at the weekend and an old fave eaten this evening.

So…. Up first…. Celeriac and Chestnut Pie


Not a massively attractive pie I must admit but really tasty! I made a mixture of sautéed celeriac, onions, cooked chestnuts and mixed nuts and popped it into some shortcrust pastry. Brushed with an egg and popped in the oven for 30 mins. Not eating meat makes you miss gravy so I have to admit there was some meaty stock in the gravy (in the cute owl jug!)- so it seems I need to master the art of veggie gravy.

i made this at the weekend instead of a Sunday roast. It was actually our 7year wedding anniversary so some good red wine was also consumed- and even though the weather was oddly, eerie foggy, it was a damn site better than our wedding day…. No umbrellas needed today!

Second up… Fish Pie


This fish pie is straight from a recipe by Nigel Slater, although instead of seafood mixed in with the white fish I use a fish pie mix from work (loving prepared at my fish counter this evening…). I made a white sauce with some prosecco and the milk/water mix I poached the fish in first. Topped with mash this has been a lovely end to a quietly calm day.

I know my Dad would love this so I dedicate it to him, recovering back home after heart surgery. Well done Mr French, I am glad the op didn’t dent your appetite!!

I have 5 days off work now, and I can’t wait for the lie in tomorrow morning.  Lots to do but looking forward to it.

And finally, a great friend of mine has painted this for me…. I love it, thank you, you have a real talent.


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