A Pretend Birthday Weekend

It’s my birthday next week but I have to work, and it’s a Saturday, which is cruel- although I have been promised a cake and have a lunch date so I really shouldn’t complain! But as compensation I simply pretended that it was my birthday this weekend which was a great excuse for some treats. 

So yesterday I booked a table at The Bluebird in Chelsea.

I used to live in Putney and shopped on King’s Road so had been to the Bluebird a couple of times before, not for ages though, so decided to brave the Chelsea set once more. It is a gorgeous restaurant, art deco in design, and incredibly stylish. The service is amazing and did make me think that more men, not just waiters, should wear braces……..

For me a roasted cod with lentils and a side order of orange glazed carrots- incredibly tasty, I could have eaten it twice over. For Colin burger and chips which he also raved about. All washed down with a bottle of Gavi di Gavi which made for a very happy pretend birthday lunch! I’ll defintiely be back when I am next in that area- even if I was the only northerner in the room.

In the evening I decided to so some cooking. After a fairly European lunch something hot and spicy was called for- so an aubergine and tomato curry was created!

I sauteed some baby aubergnes with curry leaves, mustard seeds and ginger, then added some tinned tomatoes, turmeric and chilli and simmered until the aubergines were really soft. If I say so myself it was gorgeous, and just what the Thomas household needed. 

Sunday has seen much clearing of clutter- definitely the beginning of spring!!! A present fairy also visited the house which was lovely.

 Tonight I am going to experiment with a sea bass so watch this space……..

Let’s hope my actual birthday weekend is as yummy.

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