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Friday 6th February 2015

I must just start by stating that I hate rugby, and I can not pretend otherwise. Stupid sport, don’t get it at all. I grew up in Newcastle/Gateshead and rugby just didn’t happen……. So why my Friday night has to be spoilt with this I do not know.

So I escaped earlier to the kitchen, and to the kitchen I will return. Firstly a drink:


My favourite home made cocktail- cointreau, cranberry juice and prosecco. Needed very much after a very odd week.

Then I set about making a Libyan Salmon Tagine…


Firstly I sautéed some new potatoes with onions, celery, cumin seeds, turmeric, paprika, chilli and a little garlic. When the potatoes were crispy and the veg softened I added some tinned cherry tomatoes, fresh lime leaves and simmered until thick. In the meantime I roasted some salmon in the oven to serve on top of the tagine.


Very lovely if I say so myself!

Now how do I escape from the rugby…….

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