My New Home!

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post here- although I can assure you ALOT of very yummy food has been consumed since October…….
But, in the meantime, we have moved into a lovely house! I have now got a wonderful kitchen, room for all my cookery books, and a sunny garden to enjoy.




And such a sunny day today has called for a very sunny lunch: griddled chicken salad with mandarins, cashews and sesame, very nice indeed.


Enjoy the sunshine!

2 thoughts on “My New Home!

  1. Barbara Thomas 1 March 16, 2014 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Dear Jo – what a wealth of yumminess! I’m sure that your followers will be delighted to catch up with you and all your doings. Lunch does look exceedingly delicious . . . . .

    If you want a quick and immediate herb garden, terracotta multi-herb planters do nicely. In due course I could do you some angelica and fennel.

    I’ve spent the last two days digging up and replanting our massive pampas grass. And discovering muscles I’d forgotten I had. They say use it or lose it. I think that both use and loss has occurred.

    We were so happy to see you in your new home. To say, enjoy, is heartfelt but clearly superfluous!!!


  2. Marie French March 16, 2014 at 4:56 pm Reply

    Yippeeeeeeeeeee! Can’t wait to come and see u+ the beautiful new home. I’ve been missing my food inspirations! Very pleased you are back xx

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