Weekend 14/15th September 2013

All good things come to an end and poor Colin had to go back to work a day earlier than me, on Sunday. So we had our final day off lazing around the flat, looking at holiday pics and planning the next one!!!

Dinner was a lovely sea bass which has photographed terribly…


I am definitely going to focus on my camera skills…

However, the sea bass fillets were simply pan fried, well seasoned, and really juicy. They are sitting on top of a tomato relish based on a recipe from a Lorraine Pascal book. It’s a thick relish of tomatoes, onion, garlic, pimento stuffed green olives and pine nuts- cooked down until almost jammy, it is a great accompaniment to the fish. It would also work with some grilled halloumi, or a chargrilled piece of chicken. A good bottle of red to say goodbye to hols.

I drove Colin to work in Wimbledon on Sunday morning as the trains weren’t going to work. It also gave me the added opportunity to visit Bayley & Sage in Wimbledon Village- a really great little deli. I stocked up on their fruit, veg, pasta, cheese, and their particularly addictive chocolate and hazelnut cookies. It’s a good job that there are only 4 cookies in a pack or I could easily scoff one after the other!

For my final day I needed a lovely lunch.


I had a bag of mixed pasta shapes in the back of the cupboard so decided to use them up and create some space. I steamed some stem broccoli and tossed this with the pasta, some chilli flakes, some pine nuts, and some small pieces of St Agur blue cheese. Utterly delicious!!! I could eat this every day, yum.

I made a shepherd’s pie for dinner which was lovely (although I always eat too much of it and went to bed with an overly full tum…). It was obviously a family food decision as my little sis made a cottage pie for her fiancĆ©e and Dad tonight- just a shame we were not all together to share it! Saying that I have booked some flights and will be headed north in 3 weeks time to catch up with all family which will be lovely.

šŸ‘€ šŸ‘€ šŸ‘€

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