Weekend 24/25th August

Poor Colin! I have the extended weekend off but he is at work both Saturday and Sunday- and he’s out Sunday night at a leaving party in Putney (his leaving party!). So actually maybe I should say Poor Jo as I am home alone 😭😭😭

But a kitchen full of lovely delights has cheered me up…

Saturday lunch:

ImageThis is a squid salad- really fresh squid sauteed with garlic and red chilli, and served on a leafy salad, with am very ripe tomato thrown in at the end. A triumph.

However, dinner was a massive disappointment…..

It was supposed to be a spiced plaice, marinaded in Indian spices, coated in batter and fried, and served with some chips and mushy peas. What actually landed on plates was a half burnt mush of batter and yuk with some chips and mushy peas. 🙈🙉🙊

So today I have tried harder to avoid all foodie disasters!

It all started with a Greek inspired breakfast:

ImageFigs, sprinkled with almonds, drizzled with honey, baked in the oven for 20mins and served with thick Greek yoghurt. Beautiful.

For lunch I looked to the freezer and had some spelt ravioli, stuffed with walnuts and blue cheese that I bought some time ago from The Twickenham farmers market. They were quite nice, although a different texture to ‘normal’ pasta.


ImageFresh spaghetti with fruits de mer. All that was missing tonight was a good glass of wine- but I am remaining good until the end of the week. I am also on car duty to pick Colin up.

I have started packing for the hols today- I actually can not wait!!!

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