Mon 12th – Fri 16th August 2013

A busy, busy week at work which has called for some comfort food in the evening- but still no drinkies!!! Lots of non-alcoholic drinkies though: we are becoming quite big fans of all Fentimans drinks- pink lemonade, ginger beer, dandelion and burdock, very refreshing when super cold.

The week started with a chicken breast….

ImageI stuffed the chicken breast with some really strong dolcelatte piccante, wrapped it in bacon and baked in the oven for 30mins. It was lovely- the flavour of the stilton really complemented the chicken and bacon, and gave it an intensely savoury flavour. I served it with lots of roasted Mediterranean veggies, and the juice from the chicken and the vegetables. Delicious!

On Tuesday I stuffed a squash for dinner! A little yellowy, orangey squash which went soft and gooey when baked. I stuffed it with a spicy lamb mince mixture- actually exactly the same mixture that I would normally use to form into kebabs or meatballs, and placed some little, sweet cherry tomatoes around the top. It needed a good 45mins in the oven to meld together, and was wolfed down quickly! (although Colin did leave alot of the squash- you can’t ask for everything!!!😒😒😒)

I had some really good mince beef from the weekend farm shops so Wednesday called for some meatballs. I didn’t add much more than some salt and pepper before making them into meatballs, and then baked them in the oven for 20 mins, just until they started to get brown.  I prefer the meatballs to be as meaty and unmessed about with.  The sauce was a tomatoey one, with a tablespoon or two of harissa for added kick- and the balls were added for the final 15mins to bring all the flavours together. A French-Thomas classic!

Laziness kicked in on Thursday so shop bought ravioli were bought- Italian sausage ones- although I did reduce down some tins of tomatoes, garlic and chilli for a sauce. Friday was my late night at work so no dinner for me…..

A full weekend in ahead, but the fridge is full of goodies- a big Natoora delivery arrived this evening!!!

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