Weekend 3/4th August 2013

Happy alcohol-free August!!!

We are off on our hols to Umbria at the beginning of September so we have made the amazing step of having a healthy month in preparation. I have actually started a little early on 31st July, with Colin joining me on 2nd August. There are many who think I am mad, and many who think I won’t make it for a whole month- I partly agree with them!!!- but try I will. The vision of a glass of wine by the pool in our villa on 31st August will keep me going!

August so far has seen 2 late nights so only 2 proper meals cooked so far.

ImageOn Friday I decided to make a roasted veggie lasagne as it has been absolutely ages since I made one- in fact I am not certain I have ever made it for Colin. As you can see from the photo it was packed with lovely veg- peppers, onions, courgettes, tomatoes, chilli, celery. I soaked the dried lasagne sheets in water before using which made quite a difference in the amount of time it took to cook. Quite tasty, and Colin almost ate it all…..

Sunday has been my day off and I have snuggled down for a lovely restful day, full of lovely food.



ImageThis cake was a yoghurt and cinnamon cake made from the Rachel Allen book, Cake. It is moist and lovely with a coffee in the afternoon. I am planning on having the rest with Greek yoghurt and berries for my breakfast throughout the week ahead. A quick, easy and delicious treat.


Imagedinner was a braised salmon from Ottolenghi’s book- tomatoey and spicy with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and a little turmeric. Not a usual Sunday night dinner but very satisfying and filling.  Recipe can be found in the recipe section of the blog!



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