Weekend 10/11th August 2013

Not quite a full weekend off as I had to go in on Sunday, so we had to make the most of Saturday. I had seen many reviews of the new Waitrose farmshop at Leckford so we decided to jump into the car and drive down the M3 to suss it out. Here’s what we bought:

ImageThe farmshop was ok- I wanted to love it but I can only say like. The building is lovely and it is all well presented. But alot of the products on offer are available in my Waitrose and I wanted to be wowed with new things! Saying that, what they did have from local suppliers was good- cheese, alot from the Isle of White Tomato farm, jams and bread.

On the way home we made a small detour to Laverstoke Park. Now we are massively spoiled in Twickenham as we have their shop on the high street, but it was nice to see the farm, and we picked up some good looking veg.

So, after a day of farm shops what would we have for dinner…………


Too tired to cook can you believe it, and curry was being yearned for by Colin, so Minar in Hampton were called and delicious food arrived 45mins later.


So the cooking of the haul from the farmshops was delayed until after work on Sunday. I had bought a dry-aged wing rib of beef, and I took a lot of care to cook this perfectly, keeping it pink in the middle and letting it rest for 20mins. It was gorgeous- very much worth the cost.

ImageThis was served with some roasties, some baked golden beetroot and a stir fried romanseco with a little garlic, chilli and lemon juice. Lovely!

PS it was crying out for a glass of Burgundy, but a chilled ginger beer (non alcoholic of course) working well too!

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