Week 5-9th August 2013

Still being healthy!!!

 Isn’t it funny how sometimes you make food for your nearest and dearest, sure they will love it, and they barely touch it. Then other times when you are concerned and approach with caution, yet empty plates? Well Monday night, I am delighted to say, was one of the latter!!!

A Tian of Aubergine and Tomato

Colin ate all of this and declared it yummy, so here it is:Imageready-made, ready rolled puff pastry

1 red onion, cut into half moons

1 aubergine, sliced into thin rounds

3 large tomatoes, sliced

Cheese, grated-  I used pecorino, but you could use cheddar, parmesan, Comte, or any hard cheese of your choice, and as much of it as you like

Handful fresh breadcrumbs

Handful chopped fresh parsley

1 clove garlic, chopped

Drizzle of olive oil

  • roll out the pastry onto a baking sheet
  • preheat the oven to 200°
  • Sprinkle the onions over the pastry. Place the aubergine and tomato on top, overlapping.
  • brush the aubergine with a little olive oil where they are visible.
  • in a small bowl mix the cheese, breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic. Drizzle in about 1tbsp olive oil and mix well. Sprinkle all over the vegetables as evenly as you can.
  • bake in the oven for 20 mins or until bronzed all over.
  • serve with some green salad, and some new potatoes if you fancy it.

This would be lovely with a chilled glass of sauvignon Blanc- maybe in September!

And then on Tuesday I have the former problem- I was positive Colin would love a pork satay as he loves all the individual ingredients. I found what looked like a good recipe and gave it my best shot.

ImageI quite liked it, would have liked it a little more spicy, but liked the crunch of the peanut satay sauce and the juicy pork. Colin, however, moved it around the plate for a while and said the look of it was putting him off 😭😭😭. It just goes to show, you can never tell! He did, however, eat loads and loads of the accompanying salad- a raw mix of sugar snaps, carrots, white cabbage and onion, and rice. So he did not go to bed hungry, I promise you.


The rest of the week has seen some old favs- fishcakes and a lovely spaghetti bolognaise.  And a late night where Colin made a curry which I took in to work for my dinner, and lovely it was too.

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