Weekend 13/14th July 2013

Sunny, sunny, happy days!😊😍😊


Today we headed south to the coast for a picnic on the beach. We went to a beach at Bishopstone, near Seaford, and it was really lovely- not very busy and lots of little boats bobbing around in the sea. We even stripped off and got in, well me only to the waist as I am a bit of a wimp…..

However, what should have been a little over an hours journey turned into over 4 as the M23 closed at Gatwick. A small detour into a petrol station ensured we had a car full of snacks as we zig-zagged across the country, weaving our way up to Twickenham. I needed this when I got in…

ImageThis pink prosecco was decorated with some pomegranate seeds and rose petals, and was fragrant and lovely. It accompanied a spaghetti bolognaise which was delicious, if I say so myself!

Yesterday we were also off work and were going to have a picnic in the garden but it was full of little people having a run around! So indoor picnic it was, and actually better than outside as no flies to contend with.

ImageThe little pastries at the front are some mini beef Wellington from ‘Cook’- I’d not tried them before and they were a winner, I’ll get them in for Christmas for definite.

For dinner we had some marinated quail:

ImageI sprinkled the quail with ras-al-hanout, lemon juice, garlic and coriander. I simply grilled them till crispy and served with some olive oil roasted potatoes and a green bean and broad bean salad. We haven’t had quail for a while which is a shame as we always enjoy them. Maybe they’ll make more of an appearance on our dinner table in the weeks ahead!

I wonder how long this heat will last- I am simply melting ☀✳☀


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