Mon 15th – Fri 19th July 2013

I have actually had to work my 2 late nights at work this week- how horrendous!!! Usually a meeting or something falls on my late, but not this week, but good to get back into a normal routine.

On Monday night we had a very tasty, if a little boring, dinner of pork chops, potatoes and salad. I had got the pork chops from Middle Farm shop and they were massively chunky! I sprinkled them with fennel seeds and grilled them and they filled an empty yum nicely.

Tuesday became veggie night instead of Monday….

ImageAnd these not so little balls are made from courgette, onion and chickpea flour. We have them quite often and they only work if you get as much of the water squeezed out of the courgette- which is quite a work out at the end of a busy work day, but a good way to get the stress out!!! Here’s the recipe for the balls and sauce.

Spicy Courgette Balls in a Tomato and Coconut Sauce

For the balls:

3 small courgette, grated

1tsp salt

1 red chilli, chopped

1 large onion, grated

2cm ginger, grated

Handful chopped coriander

65g chickpea flour

Olive oil

For the sauce:

1 onion, chopped

2cm ginger, grated

1 clove garlic, grated

1 red chilli, chopped

Olive oil

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/4 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp ground coriander

250 ml coconut cream

1tin chopped tomatoes

Handful chopped coriander

  • sprinkle the courgette with salt, leave for half an hour, then squeeze out as much water as possible
  • For the sauce: put the onion, ginger, garlic and chilli with 2 tbsp water into a blender and purée. Or you could mash them up in a pestle and mortar
  • heat some oil and add the turmeric, chilli, cumin and coriander. Add the onion purée and fry for 5mins. Add the coconut cream and stir for 5 mins. Add the tomatoes and coriander, stir and simmer until thick, about 20mins
  • put the courgette into a bowl with the other ball ingredients and mix well. Form into balls and fry in oil until browned all over on all sides (are there sides of a ball???)
  • serve all together

Thursday night was Pizza night.

ImageOne veggie one (bought), one pepperoni one (made with my own fair hands!). Washed down with good Italian red wine- happiness all round.

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