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Friday 31st May 2013

The last day of May and finally there is sunshine in the sky. It is amazing how much happier people are in the world when the sun has his hat on- long may it continue!

The last 3 days have been relatively uneventful food wise:

Wednesday = turkey and courgette burgers with latkes, not so good

Thursday = late night at work

Friday = spaghetti bolognaise, lovely as always!

I am gearing up to a big cooking weekend as we go to the P’s (my in-laws) for a belated 70th birthday party for David, and I am very looking forward to having a captive audience to cook for !!!

Tuesday 28th May 2013

Today was a lovely day off- well lovely in a foodie way, not a weather way, as it was tipping it down outside! A good excuse to stay cuddled up for the day.

For lunch we had spicy lettuce wraps from a Gordon Ramsay recipe, slightly adapted as using only pork mince and not the usual mixture of beef and pork mince.

ImageThe dipping sauce was a very hot, sour and tangy concoction which worked really well with the spicy mince and lettuce. We have had this several times before and it is always really filling, I think because it is so highly flavoured. Really lovely.

For dinner a recipe from the Bowler Meatball Book. Green Chilli Chicken Balls with a coconut chilli sauce and rice.

ImageAs always I can not take a good looking photo! And actually this was not the best meal I’ve ever made… The sauce was delicious- good Thai green Chilli paste and coconut milk, cooked really thick as more of a dressing than a sauce. But the balls were a little dry- I did make it with thigh meat hoping this would make it more tasty, but it did not seem to help. I may well have over cooked it, this is not out of the realms of possibility, so I may try it again and see if I can do a better version.


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