Thursday 20th June 2013

A lovely, sunny day off today so we took ourselves off on a walk along the Thames to Richmond. Is it finally summer!!!

Unfortunately I forgot my phone so have not been able to take a photo of lunch, and this is a massive shame as lunch was great- The Duke, 2 Duke Street, Richmond. This was our first visit and I don’t know why we have never been there before as it was great. Fabulous food, large selection of wine and beers, and more than that fantastic service. Colin had sausage and mash with a sweet jus, and I had a pan fried sea bass on a Colcannon with a crayfish butter. I so wish I had taken my phone as it was all presented beautifully and tasted even better than it looked. Potentially our new favourite lunch place.

Another first was a dessert bought from William Curley. We have had chocolate from him before, but never a dessert. They looked so inviting in the shop as we walked past that it was actually impossible to keep on walking!

ImageThe shop massively reminded me of patisseries in Brussels, shops I do miss. On the left is my dessert, a lychee and raspberry dome of loveliness! Colin’s on the right is a fromage blanc, and it was light, with a crisp base and raspberries. Delicious and a great way to end a foodie day off.

Tomorrow we are going to have an Indian takeaway from Minar in Hampton. A lazy Friday night dinner as I will be packing for my holiday in Devon. After work on Saturday I am headed to Appledore, near Barnstable, for a few days with my Mam and little sis, Marie. Colin will join us on Wednesday after a few relaxing days at home. Fingers crossed for sunshine!!

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