Sunday 16th June 2013

The new Rick Stein has had a second outing this week! We are looking forward it watching the new series tomorrow night, but tonight we have made an Indian roasted, stuffed chicken dish with spiced roast potatoes.

ImageThis recipe does call for a good free-range chicken- the juices mixed with the spices from the stuffing made a delicious gravy. The chicken was stuffed with a mixture of pork mince, cashews whizzed up in the food processor, cinnamon and allspice. Another stuffing mixture was made with the same string but without the pork mince- this was then stuffed under the skin. The potatoes were simply par-boiled and then tossed and roasted with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

The book is well worth it, 2 recipes in 1 week is a good hit rate!

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