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Wednesday 8th May 2013

Last night I did not get back from work until late, and I forgot to get any food in, so we popped along the road to Loch Fyne for dinner. It was a good choice and we had some really good food: for Colin (unsurprisingly!) fish and chips, and for me (probably unsurprisingly!) a seafood pasta.  I was a little skeptical when my food arrived as there was a creamy, garlicky sauce which looked a bit insipid! But it was delicious, I can not fault it in any way, and we will be back for more- if I forget to buy dinner again….

Tonight it is comfort food, my style, with a spaghetti bolognaise. If I say so myself it was pretty groovy! I used a mix of beef and pork mince, a good glut of Riesling, and a mixture of tinned tomatoes and Passata. Cooked slowly the sauce was tangy and juicy, and served with some whole wheat spaghetti. Simply lovely.

Monday 6th May 2013

A bank holiday day off, and a lovely sunny day!

 For dinner I decided to experiment- it has been a while since I cooked something of my own creation as I have been spending time going through my cook books.  But on the night I had a vision! And this was the outcome…

ImageI guess you could call this a Mediterranean/Indian fusion!  What we have is a roasted red pepper which is filled with a spicy red lentil dal.  This is sitting on a lovely, tangy, tomato sauce; a quite chunky sauce with some mustard seeds and curry leaves.  It was lovely, filling and healthy, so I may do some more experimenting in the kitchen!

Bank Holiday Weekend- 3-5th May 2013

Three unusual things have happened this Bank Holiday weekend.  Firstly we were both off work.  Secondly the sun was shining (well almost all of the time).  And finally my Mam came to visit.  So lots of eating and drinking was called for!

We began with Friday night dinner at Arthurs on the Green, on Twickenham Green.  We hadn’t been there for a while and couldn’t really understand why as it is so lovely in there, food fantastic and great service- and all on our doorstep. 

For starters we shared a mezze type platter with houmous, pickles, chorizo, manchego & membrillo, olives, bread and other little yummy bowls.  A good way to start a meal when none of you are sure what you fancy!

For main course I could not decide, but eventually went for an onion and parmesan tart, with a butter bean and beetroot salad.

ImageIt was a good choice, very tasty, not too cheesy, with delicious caramalised onions.  Other dishes around the table included fishcakes, rack of lamb and beef bourguignon.  All gobbled up, not a crumb left. Ice-cream ended a very nice evening.

PS we are not talking about the bizarre gymnastics incident that Colin took part in………..

On Saturday we ventured down for a walk along the Southbank with a quick walk across the bridge to St Paul’s, ending up in my favourite place- Borough Market!  It was absolutely heaving though, reminding us of why we always visit super early in the morning usually.  But some good bread and gnarly tomatoes were purchased, with a couple of bottles of Westmalle for me.

Lunch was at Black and Blue in Borough Market, which is fairly new, certainly the first visit for us.

ImageI had the rib eye steak, cooked rare, with a peppercorn sauce.  The steak was cooked really well, but the stand out star was the peppercorn sauce which was really hot and peppery, a perfect dip for my fries!  Other food at the table was a sirloin steak, chicken breast with Pancetta and mozzarella, and more lamb chops for Mam! All food cleared and happy Tums all round.

Luckily, although the food was yummy the portions were spot on which meant there was still room for the dinner extravaganza I had planned.

ImageI had marinated the turkey crown on the right of the picture overnight in parsley, mint, coriander, garlic, lemon juice and marsala.  I then simply roasted it until the skin was crispy and a yummy gravy made from the juices of the meat and marinade.  The little side plates were:

  • Taboulleh
  • Tomato, red onion and pomegranate salad
  • Spicy chickpeas
  • sautéed potatoes
  • baba ganoush
  • carrots marinated in paprika and cumin

What a hit! The turkey was delicious- you know how it can sometimes be dry, this marinade made sure that it remained juicy and gorgeous.  I will definitely be making this again. Even if it is with chicken breast for just the two of us.

Sunday arrived and we all had a little lie in followed by a walk around Strawberry Hill.  A full English filled Tums ready for the journey home. We dropped them off at the airport mid afternoon, a good weekend had by all!!!

Colin made a chilli for dinner which was yummy as always.  For dessert I assembled meringue, berries and cream….

ImageI would expect we have put a few pounds on when I get on the scales……

1st & 2nd May 2013

Why is it that you have weeks at work with not alot going on, and then others where there is not a minute to spare!!! This week has been one of those weeks so quick dinners Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday we ate a dish loosely inspired by one on Masterchef- where they cooked for a family in Italy, although it was in no way as good a looking dish as theirs was!  It was spaghetti with mini meatballs, sautéed red and yellow peppers and a tomato and white wine sauce.  Hit the spot.

Thursday we had a mini indoor bbq- a couple of burgers and kebabs from Laverstoke Park butchers in Twickenham.  Some chips for Colin and salad for me made a perfectly yummy dinner for 2 Thomas-men.

Tuesday 30th April 2013

A lovely, sunny day off, so the day has started with some summer berries, Greek yogurt and green tea- a perfect start.

ImageTo make the most of the sunshine we took a walk along the river to Richmond.  Each time we do this I thank my lucky stars that we live where we do- the river is truly beautiful, and everything we need is on our doorstep.  And when you love food the choice is great!!!

For lunch I really fancied some seafood pasta so we popped into Cote in Richmond.

ImageThe pasta was perfectly al dente and the seafood juicy, garlicky with a white winey, lightly tomatoey sauce.  Lovely!  Colin had an amazing looking dish of sea bass, crushed green peas and a tomato salsa which I was quite jealous of- although mine was delicious.  We washed it down with a bottle of Chablis, crisp and cold, hitting the spot perfectly.

After all that there was not alot of room left for dinner so a quick, little sausage sandwich filled a small gap later in the evening.

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