Tuesday 21st May 2013

Feeling a bit chilly, despite it being May and a little bit warmer, and looking to cook something with the gorgeous looking pork and wild garlic sausages we got from Natoora at the weekend. So, a midweek toad in the hole appeared! (never before seen out of a Sunday!)

ImageIt’s always a good excuse to get the gravy pan out- one of my favourite kitchen things. The sausage were very tasty, massive and meaty, and possibly a bit too wide for the mini toads here. But the gravy was delicious- WR red wine beef gravy, jazzed up with a stock cube, sausage cooking juices and a splash of soy sauce to make it really, very savoury. A good dinner all round I’d say.

Last night we had a kebab night- also usually a weekend meal! We’ve turned the week inside out it seems 🙈🙉🙊

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