Wednesday 8th May 2013

Last night I did not get back from work until late, and I forgot to get any food in, so we popped along the road to Loch Fyne for dinner. It was a good choice and we had some really good food: for Colin (unsurprisingly!) fish and chips, and for me (probably unsurprisingly!) a seafood pasta.  I was a little skeptical when my food arrived as there was a creamy, garlicky sauce which looked a bit insipid! But it was delicious, I can not fault it in any way, and we will be back for more- if I forget to buy dinner again….

Tonight it is comfort food, my style, with a spaghetti bolognaise. If I say so myself it was pretty groovy! I used a mix of beef and pork mince, a good glut of Riesling, and a mixture of tinned tomatoes and Passata. Cooked slowly the sauce was tangy and juicy, and served with some whole wheat spaghetti. Simply lovely.

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