Tuesday 30th April 2013

A lovely, sunny day off, so the day has started with some summer berries, Greek yogurt and green tea- a perfect start.

ImageTo make the most of the sunshine we took a walk along the river to Richmond.  Each time we do this I thank my lucky stars that we live where we do- the river is truly beautiful, and everything we need is on our doorstep.  And when you love food the choice is great!!!

For lunch I really fancied some seafood pasta so we popped into Cote in Richmond.

ImageThe pasta was perfectly al dente and the seafood juicy, garlicky with a white winey, lightly tomatoey sauce.  Lovely!  Colin had an amazing looking dish of sea bass, crushed green peas and a tomato salsa which I was quite jealous of- although mine was delicious.  We washed it down with a bottle of Chablis, crisp and cold, hitting the spot perfectly.

After all that there was not alot of room left for dinner so a quick, little sausage sandwich filled a small gap later in the evening.

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