Sunday 28th April 2013


I asked Colin what he would like for dinner and he proclaimed that it had been ages since we’d made a shepherd’s pie- so shepherd’s pie it is!

I have always made a version of the Delia recipe on How to Cook, with leeks on the top of the potato, and plenty of root veg in the sauce.  Over the years I have adapted this and today the pie included parsnip, suede, carrot, celery, beef mince, tomatoes and stock.  Colin is not keen on the leek layer, and I am not so keen on loads of mash, so a ‘half and half’ solution is presented! 

To increase the veggies further we had some baby carrots and sprouts on the side.  Delicious comfort food at it’s best…. although I always overeat when there’s shepherd’s pie on the table and go to bed very, very full- my eyes are most definitely bigger that my stomach.

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