Saturday 27th April 2013

A beautiful sunny day! But to work we must go…..

However, I had a lovely lunch to look forward to, and it was absolutely perfect to refuel after an incredibly hectic morning.


This yummy plate of salads comes from The Grocer on King’s Road- a pea, bean and lentil purée, a refreshing carrot and parsley salad, some juicy Sicilian olives and some crunchy green peppers.  I also had a little goats cheese rolled in chilli flakes left over from earlier in the week so used this up with a coarse, crunchy oat cake.  A sunny lunchtime treat.

For dinner it was ‘make your own pizza night’! A good thin base, thick layer of zingy, tomatoey sauce, piccante salami, slices of red pepper, sprinkling of hot red chilli flakes, and topped with some little balls of fresh mozzarella. Yummy!!!  And washed down with a good bottle of Amarone from our fine wine selection at work. 

This could have been a perfect day had it involved relaxing in the sunshine in between meals, and not working! Oh well.

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