Friday 26th April 2013

Fishy Friday!

I am a real lover of sea bass, in fact I think it may be my all time favourite fish.  So tonight it was centre stage- simply grilled with a little seasoning to bring out the delicate flavour.

To give the fish something crispy to sit on top of I made some artichoke and potato rostis.  I had bought the Jerusalem artichokes from a farm shop to make a recipe for an artichoke and almond rosti.  However, it turned out I was all out of almonds so I had to experiment at the last minute!

Artichoke and Potato Rossi

2 small Jerusalem artichokes

2 small, floury potatoes

1 small egg, beaten

1 tbsp, plain flour

salt & pepper

  • simply grate the veggies together, coarsely- I do this in the food processor
  • squeeze out any excess moisture from the veg- I put the veg in a clean tea towel and gave it a good squeeze!
  • Pop the veg into a large bowl, then mix in the egg, flour and seasoning
  • shape into small, flattened patties
  • fry in a large frying pan until golden on both sides

The sea bass sat happily on top of the crispy rosti, and an accompaniment of some tomatoes and a green salad rounded off a lovely, light and delicious Friday night meal. If only we were off work tomorrow!!!


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