Sunday 21st April 2013

Another bright, sunny day, so the little new car deserved a run out! And Colin got a chance to drive the car properly for the first time (so far he’s only driven it slowly around Richmond Park).  So I took the opportunity to suggest a drive south and to Middle Farm Shop to pick up some yummy delights- and have a look around the farm.  Colin was a very happy lad as he got to stroke a rabbit and see lots of happy little rab men lounging happily in the sunshine, as well as see some hilarious looking chickens and hens.

A great haul was had….


So dinner was inspired by the farm shop as we couldn’t decide which sausages to buy- so we bought a selection and had a trio of sausages for dinner!

The trio consisted of: a Spanish chorizo, pork and leek, and old English.  All were good but I think my favourite was the pork and leek.  And also on that plate was a sign of spring, Jersey Royals! Yum yum yum.

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