Saturday 20th April 2013

What a lovely day off in the sunshine we have had!!!

 We had a mini lie-in then made our way into London and up to Pierre Victoire.  We have been there for lunch only once before but wish so much that it was our local, neighbourhood restaurant: good food, good service, good atmosphere, and such good value, just fantastic.

My starter was particularly yummy:


These yummy little parcels are light and fishy with prawns and salmon.  They are sitting on a sour cream sauce with beetroot carpaccio- the flavours were utterly delicious together.  I think I could eat this everyday for the summer months and not get bored by the combination.


In the afternoon we wandered around London, shopping in Whole Foods and buying some treats in the Hummingbird Bakery.  These little lovelies are a vanilla cupcake and a red velvet cupcake. And one of each left for tomorrow’s afternoon tea!


After a foodie filled day we had a little spaghetti bolognaise for dinner- full Tums for a good nights sleep.

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