Wednesday 17th April 2013



I have always loved a good moussaka, and really love the combination of aubergines and tomato.  But I don’t always like the topping as it can be a bit dense and take away from what, for me, is the delicious part of the dish.  So I was really interested in trying this recipe for a Greek Filo Pie.

Basically this is a ‘normal’ layering of griddled aubergines with a tomato sauce made with lamb mince, onions, oregano and rosemary.  On the top I have then scrunched some filo pastry, brushed it briefly with olive oil, and baked in the oven for 40 mins.  The result is crispy on top and so juicy inside.

On the side I made some baked slices of potato.  It worked well as a side dish, but next time I will probably put a layer of par boiled potato slices in the bottom of the dish, before the tomatoes and aubergines, to make it more substantial.

Clean plates on a Wednesday night is always good!!! Thumbs up all round in this house!!!

Tomorrow I am late night so no dinner for me, and unsurprisingly a chilli from the freezer for Colin.

One thought on “Wednesday 17th April 2013

  1. Evelyn April 21, 2013 at 8:23 pm Reply

    That sounds absolutely delicious xxx

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