Monday 15th April 2013

I am trying to make sure we eat more veggie and, jumping on the band wagon of ‘meat-free Monday’ tonight was a new veggie ‘meatball’ recipe.  I don’t know where it came from as I copied it from a magazine when I was writing a cookbook for Colin for Christmas, bit I was inspired to cook it tonight as we  had some chard in stock, which is not usual. 

Basically I sautéed an onion and garlic clove with the chard until slightly softened.  I then mixed this with some ground cumin, salt and pepper and a tin of chickpeas.  To meet it bind together I added a little flour, maybe a tablespoon, mixing in well to make it easy to handle.  The mixture was then shaped into balls and fried off until browned.

I made a tomato sauce with this- the usual one for veggie balls with some coconut milk in to make it a little creamy and yummy.

A nice dinner, but the chard didn’t really taste so much with the chickpeas, I would probably so it again adding some spinach in too.  And this would have the added advantage of making Colin eat many more of his greens!!!

Tomorrow is late night for me so….. no dinner and chilli for Colin…..

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