Saturday 30th March 2013

Wow, what a busy week it’s been!  Now I have 3 days off for a well earned rest, some time to recharge the batteries is definitely called for.

Being Saturday night it must be curry night and yet another experimentation evening.  Soon we will be able to have our perfect, favourite curry night banquet!



Usually our curry nights are veggie, but tonight I am trying some recipes from Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Easy and one of them (bottom right) is a sausage pattie.  It’s actually made from pork mince and spices, mixed, chilled and griddled until cooked through.  It was actually delicious and will be making a regular appearance on the French Thomas table.

The 2 other curries are a tomato and onion curry, and a potato and cumin curry.  The potato was lovely- and very simple.  It called for waxy potatoes but I only had some King Edwards in and they did the job perfectly, and probably cooked alot quicker.  Simply sauteed with curry leaves, cumin, fennel and coriander seeds and sprinkled with paprika and cayenne, they made a perfect little sandwich with the patties in the pitta bread.  All perked up with a red onion, tomato and lime juice salad- a yummy start to a mini break.

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