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Monday 18th March 2013

Today it has been my appraisal so off to Bracknell and back in the pouring rain.  Good day though and topped off with a super hot and spicy veggie curry!


Normally it is Colin who over chillis dishes but tonight it was my turn….  Actually I was ok with it  but the poor lad must have bitten into a few hot pieces and his mouth was on fire for a little time.  The leftovers are coming to work with me on my late night tomorrow to warm me up on a cold evening. 

Sunday 17th March 2013

A good, relaxing day off for me- a hard day at work for Colin!

Dinner was designed around the Moroccan Chicken we bought at the butchers, giving me the excuse to try 2 new dishes from my Ottolenghi cookbooks.


The chicken was lovely, delicately spiced and really juicy.  With it we had a roasted cauliflower salad- cauliflower roasted in the oven with spices and tossed with herbs, and a spiced carrot salad- cooked carrots with spices and a little sherry vinegar to lift the flavours.  All served with some roasties as it is Sunday night!

Over in the other Thomas household tonight they were having some roast lamb.   Here’s how it looked before it hit the oven!



Looks delicious, and we are assured went down very well with some roasties and a rosemary gravy.  Yummy!

Friday 15th March 2013

Despite not really being at work this week it was our day off today!  In the morning we had a quick trip around some of the places we are considering moving to and in the process found a great butchers in Claygate.  We bought several different types of sausage, some chicken, bacon and burgers.  This has moved Claygate into number 1 position!!! For lunch we popped along to Richmond where there is a fish and chip shop you can have a sit down in.  I had some fishcakes and Colin had some cod- his plate did not stay full for long…


For dinner I made a Turkish style pizza: a flatbread base with a spicy meat topping.  It was OK I guess: the topping was tasty but the base was too crispy on the edge and soggy in the middle. It had promise so I will try again and share the recipe once perfected!

Tomorrow I am actually going to do a full days work!  A late shift no less, so Colin will be having some sausage and mash (sausages from the new butchers) and I will be giving my tum a rest.


Thursday 14th March 2013

Back home quite early after a quick shopping trip to Kingston.  Dinner was an easy one of (shop-bought) meatballs, (home made) tomato sauce and (shop-bought) fresh orecchiette pasta.  But nice full, happy tums.

Wednesday 13th March 2013

I’m not at home this evening- although not to far away, near Reigate.  I’m on a 2 day meeting and staying in a nice hotel, watching the snow flutter down outside.  Hotel food can be really hit and miss but the food here has been really good- breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For dinner tonight I had a great starter of salmon tartare.


Not a great photo, but it was clean tasting, light and a little zingy.  For main course I had more salmon, but this time grilled and sitting on some griddled asparagus- lovely.  Dessert was some fruit salad as I am supposed to be being good!  A few glasses of wine, an early-ish night with a comfy nights sleep.  But always better to be in your own bed with your lovely husband!  Home tomorrow.

Tuesday 12th March 2013

It took me an age to get to work this morning in the snow!  Colin warned me as he’d heard there were cars stacked up on the M and A23 overnight so I set off early.  The drive was ok until I got to Horsham where the roads had not been gritted and getting into the car park was more than a little hazardous!  But it soon defrosted and the drive home was alot easier I’m pleased to say.

Tonight I decided to try the new adventurous Colin on something new- ravioli.  Don’t think I came in and made fresh pasta from scratch!  No, not when I work somewhere selling delicious morsels.  We had ravioli filled with spicy Italian sausage and I made a good tomato sauce to go with it.  It was a success!  All food eaten, plates cleaned, and I feel this will be a good addition to lazy evenings…….

Monday 11th March 2013

Back to work with a normal day for Colin but a drive to a Team Building Day for me- in the snow!  Fingers crossed for getting to work tomorrow.  Tonight we have eaten an aubergine strudel tart in filo pastry, filled with Moroccan spices and lots of veg.  Lovely!

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