Sunday 24th March 2013

Another day off- yippee again!!!


Lunch was our usual picnic of soup and cheeses.  Today’s soup was Duchy Tomato, Thyme and Pepper and was surprisingly good- tasting like the best of homemade soups.  The Belvoir Elderflower Presse was a good drink although a little sweet.  It needs to be very chilled.

Last weekend I was going to make Colin a cheesecake but we were both too full so I didn’t!  However all the ingredients were still in the fridge and about to die so I set to work on it today.  Individual little cheesecakes- quite a thick crunchy base, creamy cheesecake layer, topped with a mango and lime puree and blueberries.  The cheesecake was ok but Colin was not too keen on the topping.  I think the lime made it a bit bitter/sour when I was looking for a velvety sweetness of mango.  All learning’s for next time.  Here they are though looking groovy…


Dinner was a spaghetti- nothing unusual and a weekly occurrence!  But here’s a pic anyway!


Today was another DVD day- Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.  Back to work tomorrow for a busy Easter week- let’s hope I have enough Easter Eggs in for the hungry Horshamers!


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