Sunday 17th March 2013

A good, relaxing day off for me- a hard day at work for Colin!

Dinner was designed around the Moroccan Chicken we bought at the butchers, giving me the excuse to try 2 new dishes from my Ottolenghi cookbooks.


The chicken was lovely, delicately spiced and really juicy.  With it we had a roasted cauliflower salad- cauliflower roasted in the oven with spices and tossed with herbs, and a spiced carrot salad- cooked carrots with spices and a little sherry vinegar to lift the flavours.  All served with some roasties as it is Sunday night!

Over in the other Thomas household tonight they were having some roast lamb.   Here’s how it looked before it hit the oven!



Looks delicious, and we are assured went down very well with some roasties and a rosemary gravy.  Yummy!

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