Tuesday 12th March 2013

It took me an age to get to work this morning in the snow!  Colin warned me as he’d heard there were cars stacked up on the M and A23 overnight so I set off early.  The drive was ok until I got to Horsham where the roads had not been gritted and getting into the car park was more than a little hazardous!  But it soon defrosted and the drive home was alot easier I’m pleased to say.

Tonight I decided to try the new adventurous Colin on something new- ravioli.  Don’t think I came in and made fresh pasta from scratch!  No, not when I work somewhere selling delicious morsels.  We had ravioli filled with spicy Italian sausage and I made a good tomato sauce to go with it.  It was a success!  All food eaten, plates cleaned, and I feel this will be a good addition to lazy evenings…….

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