Sunday 10th March 2013- Colin’s Birthday!

The end of a fantastic weeks holiday but more to celebrate as it’s Colin’s birthday today!  We decided to stay in a get some rest and relaxation before we go back to work, and needed some yummy delights to mark the day.


Yesterday morning I popped along to the Farmers Market and picked up some nice bread, cheese and salami for today’s lunch.  A bit like a lounge picnic, with some chilled vinho verde brought home from Lisbon.  

It is Colin’s birthday so for dinner a favourite of his: sausages, lentils and mini roasties.


The sausages are some really meaty lads and they are sitting on top of some flavoursome lentils: cooked puy lentils sauteed with a little onion, celery, carrot, marsala and a little chicken stock.  The potatoes were a triumph, if I say so myself!  I used red king edwards, par-boiled then tossed with fresh thyme, chilli and 1 tbsp olive oil and roasted for 45 mins.  Scrumptious- and a fitting end to a yummy week off.


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