Friday 15th March 2013

Despite not really being at work this week it was our day off today!  In the morning we had a quick trip around some of the places we are considering moving to and in the process found a great butchers in Claygate.  We bought several different types of sausage, some chicken, bacon and burgers.  This has moved Claygate into number 1 position!!! For lunch we popped along to Richmond where there is a fish and chip shop you can have a sit down in.  I had some fishcakes and Colin had some cod- his plate did not stay full for long…


For dinner I made a Turkish style pizza: a flatbread base with a spicy meat topping.  It was OK I guess: the topping was tasty but the base was too crispy on the edge and soggy in the middle. It had promise so I will try again and share the recipe once perfected!

Tomorrow I am actually going to do a full days work!  A late shift no less, so Colin will be having some sausage and mash (sausages from the new butchers) and I will be giving my tum a rest.


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