Wednesday 30th January 2013

Tuesday night was my late night so no dinner for me.  Colin had sausage and mash with his favourite pork and sage sausages.

No picture of Colin in action but Wednesday night was his cooking night and it was a triumph!


This was adapted from a magazine recipe called Chilli Marrakesh.  The adaptations made were to use beef mince instead of the recommended lamb mince- although I think we will make it with lamb mince next time as the spices would work even better.  There was alot of harissa, ground coriander, ground cumin and paprika alongside red peppers, fresh ginger and tomatoes.  Chickpeas are used in place of kidney beans in a usual chilli.  It was absolutely delicious and I am delighted that there is another portion ready for my late night at work on Friday!  Yummy!

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