Sunday 27th January 2013

The final day of our holiday was spent in front of the TV!  Morning watching the tennis, afternoon watching the Daniel Craig version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and an evening watching Meryl Streep in The Iron Woman.  All very entertaining and a good end to a great, restful week off.

So, an old favourite for dinner, unbelievably for the first time in 2013!  Spaghetti Bolognaise!


I made sure I gave the sauce plenty time to reduce, making a thick, juicy and slightly tangy sauce.  It is definitely worth using both pork and beef mince as it gives the sauce real depth.  Instead of white wine I used a small glass of sherry, which I do more and more as it means you don’t have to open a new bottle each time (and have the temptation of a super cold bottle of white wine calling you from the fridge!).  Towards the end I added a tbsp on lemon juice which does something lovely to the tomatoes.  I simmered the sauce for 2 hours and served it with spaghetti, al dente, and a crispy green salad.

Some chocolates for dessert and early night- a 5am start ahead!!! 

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