Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Venturing out into London, battling the crowds and a little snow flurry, we had a great lunch at Pierre Victoire- check out the restaurant page for pics and what we ate.

After such a lovely meal we didn’t fancy a huge dinner but wanted something tasty and a bit spicy.  So it was a take on the Keralan Fish Curry (3rd January 2013), but made with veg instead of fish.



I used a mixture of all the odds and ends of veg in the fridge- onion, swede, green pepper, parsnip, potato, courgette.  I fried them in a little walnut oil first until softened, and added them to the sauce at the same time I would have added the fish.  It was fantastic, and even better is the spare portion I have in the freezer for my late night once I’m back to work! 

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