Friday 11th January 2013

Just in after a late night at work- I am seriously fed up of driving having been all over the south of England this week!  So, no dinner tonight as in too late.  But I did have a very large piece of cake at work today, made for one of my managers last day.

Yesterday was a much better day as I discovered a fantastic farm shop.  It’s called Middle Farm, near Lewes and is on a working farm.  The selection of meats, veg and yummy delights was fantastic and I came away with a box of happiness.  We will be eating quite a few of my finds in the days to come!

So last night we started with some of the sausages I bought- 2 kinds: pork with cracked black pepper, and pork with leek.  I briefly cooked them in the oven until half cooked through then placed them on top of a bed of leeks, red onion, chopped flat leaf parsley and some sprigs of thyme.  This I cooked in the oven for 15 mins until the veg was softened and the sausages browned.  I had meant to make a sauce to go with this by mixing soured cream with strong mustard, but I forgot to buy the soured cream so it was served sauce-less!  No worse for it actually!


At lunch time I had some goats cheese that had been rolled in hot red chillis (bought from Middle Farm) with a salad.  I am just so sad that I can not visit that farm shop every week!

One thought on “Friday 11th January 2013

  1. Sarah January 12, 2013 at 9:41 am Reply

    I love your blog Jo. It makes me laugh and feel comforted to read about food and family at the same time! I really must make an effirt to try some of the things you’re making although your proximity to all things Waitrose is a definate bonus…lucky fish!

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