New Years Day 2013

Happy New Year!



I made this yummy dessert at the weekend to show off the great Alessi plate I got for Christmas- the mini meringue Snowmen are from Peyton & Byrne but really remind me of the John Lewis Snowman!  Whipped cream, silver balls and popping candy made this the easiest dessert I think I’ve ever made, and definately one of the cutest!

Today we started our day at my in-laws (The P’s) and came back with some very boozy Christmas cake their friend Margaret had made.  I always think I don’t like Christmas cake but this reminded me of how good it can be- maybe it depends how much you ‘feed’ the cake!!!

Dinner tonight was from my new favourite cook book- Diana Henry’s ‘Crazy Water and Pickled Lemons’.  I’ve cooked 4 meals now from this book and I’ve only had it 1 week.  Tonight it was some lamb chops, marinated for a couple of hours in harissa and lemon juice and then simply griddled till slightly charred.  They were served on top of some spicy mash- potatoes and parsnips mashed with milk, cinnamon and cayenne.  On top of the chop I added a dollop of onions which I had cooked till soft in olive oil, then added a little harissa and some fresh coriander.  This we had with some sauteed leeks and celery (as Colin loves celery) which we served on the cute Alessi plate (he’s not just for Christmas!).

All washed down with a lovely bottle of Amarone.  Here’s to 2013 and the best start to a new year.




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